Wednesday, September 27, 2006

oooh just shut up


Listen, I undertand what you are doing. good for you. you are collecting a paycheck. I recommend you save some of that.

As for the rest of you propping him up to his nearly mediocre ratings... for shame. Have you figured out what you are doing wrong yet?

Stop trying to ape what you think the american right is doing on fox news with your own answer to fox news/Rush (et al). It has become increasingly obvious that you, as a group, are acting off the impression of whatyou think the right is doing rather than what the right is in fact doing.

As much as I despise Bill O'Reilly, just show me the time he called anybody not named cocco a monkey.

The tragedy in this is that if I were a higher traffic blog, people would explain how Olberman showed himself to be a superior man to Wallace by handing Clinton a check during an interview (because he was avoiding the pixilations of a presidential bj) to a man asking a relatively reasonable and fair question that to my knowledge hasn't been discussed in the mainstream.

Olberman.... stick to selling seeds


Blogger Fern R said...

What prompted this post? I don't watch Olberman very often because he makes me want to drill holes into my skull.

3:03 AM  

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