Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bill, meet your better

Some people went to law school to actually learn about law and stuff. Imagine what happens when they try to deal with asinine law suits by political hacks like the one we have as AG in California.

Well, don't imagine. Check out Fern's post at Alone in Public where she shows that Bill Lockyer doesn't even pass the laugh test, let alone a legal test.

The lawsuit begs two questions. First, if the California government cares so much about pollution, why weren't the California emissions standards low enough to prevent the significant environmental damage Lockyer is claiming has been caused by car emissions? Suing car manufacturers after they met the standards we told them to meet seems ludicrous from a common sense standpoint, even though it's a viable legal argument.

Second, if the California government cares so much about pollution, then why aren't they building extensive mass transit systems in places like Los Angeles and Orange County where there are virtually no useful public transportation systems and millions upon millions of people who have lengthy commutes to work each day. The Los Angeles metropolitan area is almost certainly the largest source of the state's car pollution and yet the state and local governments aren't doing anything to curb the need for cars.
Why is it that these questions can be so clear, but ignored by our state's AG. It is our eternal shame that we let a wanna be go to law school just to get a job he isn't suitable for, when people like Fern could do the AG's job without subjecting the state of California to ridicule in legal communities.


Blogger Fern R said...

I don't even think you need to go to lawschool to realize how silly a lot of Lockyer's lawsuits are.

5:49 PM  

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