Sunday, July 16, 2006

No more Cream

Well this just sucks....

Legendary drummer GINGER BAKER insists he will never agree to another reunion of 1960s supergroup CREAM, because he can't stand to be the same stage as frontman JACK BRUCE. The SUNSHINE OF YOUR LOVE star insists Bruce has a split personality, and has dubbed his personas DR JEKYLL and MR HYDE after the famous book by ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON. Baker was thrilled to take to the stage with Bruce and guitarist ERIC CLAPTON last year (05) in London, because it felt like a return to their heyday, but subsequent shows in New York City proved less enjoyable thanks to Bruce's behaviour. He says, "When he's Dr Jekyll, he's fine... it's when he's Mr Hyde that he's not. "I tell you this - there won't ever be anymore Cream gigs because he did Mr Hyde in New York last year. "He shouted at me on stage and turned up his bass so loud that he deafened me on the first gig. That was the end. "The Albert Hall gig was like 1966 - wonderful. And the first night in New York, Jack became Mr Hyde. He sort of took over, and he played so loud it was ridiculous."


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