Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Finally a congress displays some good sense on gay marraige

I'd love to say it's over, but this is only over for now.

I'm all for gay marraige. And I'm sick of hearing about the issue from conservatives and natural law followers. If you don't like gay marraige, fine by me. Don't marry a member of the same sex.

If it's a crime against god, or nature, let them deal out their own punishment. A friend of mine has suggested this point, and it probably is the most common sense reaction I've heard to the natural law argument. After all, it does no good to actually try to argue with the logic within natural law, it's an endless loop.

So it looks like we get another 6 month reprieve on the issue, until after elections. The only question is whether Republicans will be back to bring this up one more time. Ah, who am I kidding, they'll bring it up even if they were the minority party. They know that they have the public on their side, and they have history. Whether the law makes good sense or not is immaterial.


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