Monday, July 17, 2006

The curious life of bloggers

By now, Frisch is a verb. Protein Wisdom and South(west) Paw have been in a verbal war for about two weeks now.

Well, in reality, PW has just been targeted despite showing a willingness to ignore things and move on. But what gets me is the oddity of the fact that Right/Left Blogs don't link to each other; unless they have done something crazy that they want to point out and ridicule.

Even now, there isn't a good link to the respective sites. As if that defeats their existence or delegitimizes them.

It's just plain stupid and childish. Linkage doesn't mean Friendship or endorsement, it simply means easy information dissemination...

Of course, at least one of these parties is childish so I would expect as much.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

satchel is verb also - to drag your child into a blog fight.
countcockula is one sick pup.

9:42 AM  

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